Friday, December 31, 2010

coming back to me now...

Next week... The first week in January... Is going to be a big, amazing week for me and my tv shows!! I'm very excited! Not only do most of my regular shows start up this week, but Greek and Pretty Little Liars, which haven't been on for several months are starting up again!

I am SO excited for Greek, it's the last 'Chapter' of the series, which makes me very sad, but I think they are going to end the show with some dignity. Some shows now go on forever it feels like and they just get bad the more they go on... But we'll see!

Now, PLL is in its first season, it just hasn't been on since like July. This show is so good! These girls in it are so horrible to the people in their lives and themselves! And their missing for a year-then found dead-but still stalking them-friend sends them messages threatening to reveal their secrets, but this chick is supposed to be dead... It's very confusing, but I've heard several people tell me who the alleged 'A' is... The last episode left me on a cliff hanger so I'm very excited to see what happens next...

Also coming back this week are Parenthood, Grey's Anatomy, Cougar Town, Modern Family, Private Practice, and SOUTHLAND!!!!

Southland started in 2009 and they had about 11 episodes between 2009-2010, but then they "cancelled" it. It was so disappointing cause this is the first actually good (possibly even accurate) police show! Plus, Ben McKenzie is a freakin fox!!! After months and months of no hot cops, they are bringing the show back!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2010: you live you learn...

This year, wow... Well, 2010 did a real number on me. It's been a hard, trying year, but also an amazing, eye-opening year. I had some seriously great times, some of the best times in my life, but I have had some heart breaking moments that changed my life (as I knew it) forever. I got closer to some of my best friends than I've ever been before. I've learned that it's important to know who you can trust even if there's only 1 person in the whole world that is trustworthy. I've learned that things change. Fast. Everything you think you know is right might be more wrong than you could have ever imagined. I've had my heart broken. Repeatedly. I've learned I have to live my life, but there are other things more important than my life. I've fallen in love with a few new things: Vampire Diaries, Justin Bieber, education. I've seen friends that I haven't seen in years. I grew out of an old love...

I've learned to appreciate the little things. I've also learned: Family/best friends are THE most important things. Finding the perfect guy is impossible and no matter how hard you try, you can't make love happen, it decides when it wants to. Grudges will ruin your life and kill your soul. Manhattan is my favorite place on this Earth. November was the worst month everr. I really miss my grandpa. A new purse really can cure anything. My bed is my sanctuary. Guys are douche bags (or at least the ones I seem to fall for are). I need to stop worrying about guys being db's. My nieces and nephew are the best! I really look up to my brothers. Being 20 sucks. Concerts (We The Kings, Jason Aldean, Sugarland, Tim McGraw, Brad Paisley) and vacations (St. George, Vegas, Jackson Hole, New York City) are the best things I could possibly spend my money on. I will own a Louis Vuitton purse. And I love my dog...

This year I started the Elementary Ed program at UVU. I made some great friends that I will be friends with for a long time-Teacher Fren! I taught my first lesson to an actual class and figured out that I love to teach. I found out that a good GNO can save my life.

I love 2010. I experienced some life changing things. I realized a lot about myself and what I want out of my life. In the beginning on the year Thomas dubbed the 2010 motto to be "You live, you learn" and this year has definitely lived up to that standard. I have learned more about myself in the last year than ever before. I found out I have a lot of things I want to accomplish and I have a lot of steps to take and things to let go of in order to accomplish them. I hope 2011 brings just as many laughs and tears, okay maybe less tears. I hope that I get to accomplish some of the goals I've set. I hope that I can learn more about myself, but actually figure my ish out. I am excited to make more friends and hang out with more 'old' friends this year. I'm about to turn 21 and I am very excited to get out of this boring 20 age... bring on the twenties baby, cause I'm ready... 2011 hear I come!

Newest addition: Elenore Grace Mantle
Addison <3

2/27 my birthday!
REAL game in March
Jason Aldean with my dad!
Sugarland with my mom and Thomas!
Tim McGraw with Tom!
Statue of Liberty was probably the most amazing thing I've ever seen...

Monday, December 27, 2010

best break ever

Okay, seriously this has been the best winter break I've ever had I'm pretty sure... I've been hanging out with my friends A LOT! I've gotten to see tons of people I haven't seen in FOREVER and been around great family for the last few days! I love love love love love love love LOVE not having school... I might not be able to go back! Ah! First of all my friends are amazing! Haley, Nate, Thomas especially make my life so much fun and way too easy! I love it! We had an 'ugly sweater' party on Wednesday at my which turned into a Utah party because the Utah bowl game was on... Which they lost... badly... But we all got together and got to talk and hang out and then of course we went bowling!! So much fun!! I beat Tom once... Which well, is never enough! Ha! Anyway, Then it was all family from there and it was great. Friday we had the annual Christmas Eve party at my grandma Knight's. I am really lucky, because my dad's side of the family comes to that party too so I get to see everyone in one night! Then of course on Christmas everyone came over to our house for breakfast and presents and we got to have prime rib (my favorite meal of the year) at Chris and Tom's for dinner! Yesterday (Sunday) was Wade's birthday! He turned 30! HOLY CRAP HE'S OLD! So, we had a party for him at our house! Yes, 3 straight days of the whole family for us because of his birthday. It was really fun though! Then I got to hang out with Nate a little bit and we went and saw the new movie The Fighter. Which was really good! Mark Wahlberg was just okay, but Christian Bale and Amy Adams for incredible! I loved the movie! After that I got to hang out with Austin, whom I haven't seen forever, well since he left for his mission like almost two and a half years ago! It was SO great seeing him and just getting to talk and catch up on everything!
This week is going to be really fun too! Hanging out with my friends every night, working a little, hopefully shopping a little and of course the annual New Year's Party at Haley's on New Year's Eve!! I am SO excited! It's going to be so much fun!


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

3.94 BOO YAH!!!

Okay, I AM SO FREAKIN EXCITED! I got a 3.94 gpa!! I am so happy! I have never ever done so well in school. Like NEVER, not even in 7th grade... This is a huge accomplishment for me and I am very proud of myself, as lame as it sounds. I worked my butt off and it clearly paid off... Seven classes and I came out with six A's! I completely understand why people get mad when they have one A- now! But I am very excited and happy that I've completed the first semester in the Elementary Education program at UVU. I had a blast! I made some really great friends that I know will stick through for years. I am excited to start a new semester and I hope I can do as well again, so that I can get my crappy gpa from past semesters up! Anyway, I had to toot my own horn for a minute... I rocked the Fall 2010 semester's world!! Bring it on Spring 2011!!!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Winter Break!!!

Okay, safe to say this winter break of 2010-2011 may be the greatest so far! At least last weekend turned out to be pretty freakin great! Friday night I got to celebrate being done with school and Thomas's 21st birthday with Training Table and bowling! Haley, Lb, Kevin, Matt, Tom, and I had a great time at All Star Lanes, where Tom kicked butt in both games! It was so fun hanging out with all my best friends! After bowling we headed to Haley's house, of course. Then we had quite the reunion of old friends come along... Alathea came over (she's home from LSU for the holidays), Weston and Michelle were also there, haven't seen them FOREVER! And last but not least the RM Dan came to party! It was such a blast seeing everyone again! Not only did I get to hang out with my best friends with a little pool and Rock Band, but I got to see some great friends that will hopefully be around a lot more now! Oh! We had a new comer with us on Friday night too... one of the many Minions from Despicable Me was there is 'blow up' form! Haley and Tom played Ma and Pa to this little guy and we had a photo shoot to celebrate their happy little family! Here's some of the good times...

After we got done with the party at Haley's we decided to make a traditional trip to Denny's at about 1:30 am... We called Shaun cause he was doing family stuff before, but we finally got him to come with us! We had some serious fun as usual at Denny's with the guy that miraculously fills the water so full its amazing it doesn't spill! It's the best when we just get to hang out with my boys and LB of course at 2-3 in the morning! The best part was when we were leaving Denny's at about 3:15, there was a guy filling the newspaper stands and he said "Good morning" to us... Wow, maybe we're out a little too late when someone basically tells us its morning!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

first annual gno christmas party!

once again... i love these girls! we had so much fun at our white elephant-ugly sweater/blouse christmas party! hopefully its a tradition that will continue for YEARS! it was a blast. we made gingerbread cookies, ate A LOT, gossiped, had a photo shoot, and a white elephant-even though i forgot my gift... here's a special viewing of the ugly sweater/blouse photo shoot:


oh! it's a good thing...

Congrats to my man Ryan Reynolds... soon to be single!! The Sexiest Man Alive can't be tied down by girls like Scarlett Johansson!! Ryan, I'm in love with you... If you're ever in Utah CALL ME!!!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

this kid knows how to drop it!

Haha! I wish I could just bust a move like this kid in front of everyone... just because!! Hilarious! Check it out till the 1:45 mark! He's awesome!


Sunday, December 12, 2010

wanna be back here...

New York City is my favorite place on Earth. I love it! I love the culture, the food, the shopping, the people, the architecture, the history. I love it all! I hope that someday I get to live in this amazing, beautiful, busy city! I've been there 3 times twice on "girl trips" and once with my parents, Brady and Ash, and Wade. Most recently I went in October on another girl trip in honor of my grandma's best friend who passed away this year. It was SO much fun! We went to Wicked, Promises Promises, and Mary Poppins, which were all amazing of course! After Promises, Promises we waited to see if we could meet some of the cast which included Sean Hayes (Will and Grace) and Molly Shannon (SNL)... WE MET MOLLY SHANNON! (Pictures below!!!) We went to the top of the Rock (Rockefeller Center), ate at Balthazar's, and shopped in Soho! Also, my most favorite... We went to the Statue of Liberty. It was amazing! It's cheesy, but honestly seeing that beautiful amazing statue on the ferry made me feel so proud and grateful for the country I live in. It's such a symbol along with Ellis Island of the people that gave/give up everything to be here. I'm so grateful for the wonderful things in this life, especially the opportunities I get to travel to incredible places around the world like Manhattan.