Wednesday, May 16, 2012

2 hours 39 minutes and 43 seconds

Until I am on my first flight of three to the wonderful Fiji.

I honestly cannot believe this day is here. Only 4 weeks. I just have to keep emphasizing the only in that statement. The last few weeks have been full of tears and lots of emotions. My best friend of three years saw me cry for the first time. I saw me cry harder than I have in years. And it was a first for everyone when I cried at all about the thought of being in Fiji for 4 weeks. I really didn't think I would do this. I thought I was ready to get away. I was contemplating actually moving away for much longer than 4 weeks, but clearly the thought of not seeing Henry, Addison, Ellie, and Charly is too much. Also, the thought of not being able to talk to Thomas for that long is way to much to handle. I haven't gone more than 2 weeks (even while in a fight) without talking to him. Telling one person everything makes it a little difficult when they aren't available. C'mon Fiji can't you just get it together and get a little phone/internet access on every one of your 300 islands? I don't think it's too much to ask.

Regardless, this is a once in a lifetime experience/adventure and I am so blessed to be taking it. I am so grateful that I can actually do this, because I am one of few who will be able to say they spent 4 weeks on an island you can walk around in less than an hour with 25 people they don't know while helping under privileged children in Fiji.

Now that everyone is sick of hearing about how much I love my nieces, nephew, and Thomas (ha!) I won't be blogging for 4 weeks (unless by some miracle I can get to a resort and post as much as I want! So see you in 31 days blogging universe!

My home for the next 4 weeks... AH!

Monday, May 14, 2012


blowin up from tumblr.

Thomas and Chelsea and Nate are the definition of this perfect kind of friendship. 

love the cudi.


f the past. bring on the future.

late night del.

not even in love. just love.

who said this? i need to know.

first fiji.


I wouldn't be the same without this man and I am probably going to die in Fiji because I haven't gone more than 2 weeks without talking to him in the last 3 years. So 4 weeks might just be the end of me. Regardless I know we will ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS be best friends no matter where we are or what tries gets in the way. 
Some recent fotos of the fun times with this attractive person...

 Please excuse Tracey's finger :)

Thomas, no matter what happens, what crazy shit I do, how far away we get from each other, I have no doubt that you will always remain to be my very best friend. I know that I will always be there for you when you need anything at all. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me and I honestly don't know what or where I would be without you. Thank you for your unconditional support and love. I can't tell you how much I value your opinion and how much your opinion of me matters. I cannot wait to continue to party with you when I get back from Fiji. I LOVE YOU! 

What am I going to do without these people for 4 weeks?

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Celebrity Post

Since they finished school I have spent basically every waking moment with Thomas and Nate. I love them! I have had so much the last week with these guys! I am currently with Nate and he will be "Celebrity Posting" on this here blog.

Boo yea!!!!! Hello followers of Paige!!! Isn't she great? Well, we can all agree that the answer to that is yes. I have been following the real life of Paige Mantle way before blogging even existed and I love it! However, Paige has decided that she will leave the one that she loves (me not Thomas) to go to some dumpy island on the other side of the planet called Fiji. Lame I know but honestly it kinda awesome. I have been trying to fit my own body into a carry on suitcase in order for me to travel with her but I have to sadly report that I have not had very much luck, but I will have Paige keep you posted because she blogs and I don't. Anyways, I hope you have all learned something today and don't forget to get your pets spaded or nuder!

Peace out BITCHEZ!

Yes, is it a problem that I love that man?! Here are some recent pictures of my manly men...