Friday, August 9, 2013

Here We Go 3rd Grade

Classroom library.

Calendar and jobs!

A little line management.

Work turn in cubbies.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Don Draper

is my newest obsession. I've been watching Mad Men for a while now, but since I've been sick I've been quite obsessed. Watching-ten-episodes-a-day-obsessed. And it's all because of this beautiful man.

The suit, the style, the charm, the sun glasses, the hair, the womanizing son of a bitch is sexy!

NOLA 2013

My beautiful friend, Alathea, got married in New Orleans last Saturday. I was fortunate enough to attend the wedding with my 2 best friends. People keep asking me if it was fun and if I like New Orleans... I just keep saying, "I think we had a little too much fun." There is no way to describe this trip. Words like exhaustion, happiness, joy, alcohol, 5 AM, bathtub, humidity, dancing, and food come to mind thinking about that trip. Here are some of the highlights...
Thomas and I had our flight cancelled and we were delayed an entire day. Don't ever fly Frontier airlines. We ended up taking the red eye to Charlotte and finally getting to New Orleans at 9:45 AM the following day.
This is us super excited for our flight and ready to go and then us exhausted and finally arriving in NOLA...
Needless to say we needed a nap, but then we got to go out with the wedding party and meet some pretty amazing people.

Excuse the quality of picture... I'm sure you can understand why the majority of these will be blurry...
Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were spent on bourbon street and recovering from the night before. Getting to the hotel between 4 and 6 AM doesn't allow for much more than sleep and food the next day. These pictures don't even begin to describe the amount of fun that was had. We have to thank a few locals from New Orleans for showing us a good time!

Saturday was the wedding and it was amazing. Such a beautiful ceremony and reception. Being stuck in Utah, I didn't really know what a "real wedding" was like and now I know. I was lucky enough to have 2 hot dates... 

It was the perfect trip! I am so grateful to have friends like Nate and Thomas that I can drag around the world. We all live in different places now and it's super hard not being around them all day everyday like it used to be, but I am very lucky that we've been able to travel and reunite. Cheers to the next 50 years of adventures boys!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Cowboy Boots by Macklemore

And we drink and get older
And some of us even try to get sober
Now here's to the assholes and the last calls
Well, city kids, you get what you ask for

And acquaintances turn to friends, I hope those friends they remember me
Hold the night for ransom as we kidnap the memories
Not sure there is a way to express what you meant to me
Sit around a table and use those years as the centerpiece

Sounds of the city on Capitol Hill
Where I question if what I'm seeing here is real
Cowboy boots doing lines at the bar
Where the time goes slow when you're drinking PBR

Hold on to what you were, forget what you're not
The streets were ours that summer, at least those two blocks
Reminisce on those days, I guess that's OK, you wonder why
Some grow up, move on, close the chapter, live separate lives
The twenty-something confusion before the suit and tie
Strangers become mistakes but those mistakes made you feel alive
Hindsight is vibrant, reality: rarely lit
Memory's a collage pasted to the glue that barely sticks
Good Lord, they broke all my shields
Locked bathroom doors, graffiti, and high heels
Until you felt that altitude you don't know how high feels
Party mountain, some don't ever come down from around here
To be young again, I guess it's relative
The camel lights, the whiskey rye, sink into the skin
I fantasize about a second win
Grow a moustache, pick up another bad habit and let the games begin

So here's to the nights, dancing with the band
Strangers into girlfriends from a one night stand
Brought a little liquor and turn up the Johnny Cash
You could bring a receipt to Heaven but you cannot take it back
And this is life, this is real, even when it feels like it isn't
I'd be a goddamn liar to say at times I didn't miss it
So deuces, I turn my back as I walk into the distance
Dip my feet in every once in a while, just to say I visit
Come and hold onto these nights
Trying to find our way home by the street light
Over time you figure out this is me, right
Learn a lot about your friends right around two A.M.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Hello, June!

Well, seeing as it's been a hot minute since I've blogged and I really miss it I decided to give this little page a makeover and start it up again by bragging about my amazing summer plans. I don't know how it will compare to last summer in Fiji, but I think all be alright with the vacations and plans I've made.

June 7th: Last day of school! First year down and I cannot believe it's already over. I'm going to seriously miss my kids. (Yes, my students are my children.)

June 8th: Maui, HI! I am so excited to have a ladies vacation with my mom, aunt, cousins, and gma on the beautiful island of Maui. I've been to HI once and it was about 7 years ago. Pictures to come! 

June 19th: NOLA 2013! Aka: New Orleans, LA! Thomas, Nate, and I are going to NOLA for my longest friend, Alathea's, wedding. I've never been to the south so I am very excited about this vacation and seeing Alathea and Stephen tie the knot! 

July 1-4: Partying with Lauren Burrows in SLC! Cannot wait to finally see my sister again!

July 5th: Moving into an apartment with my brother, Wade. We are moving to Riverton. So stoked to be moving out of my parents house.

July 10th: Las Vegas, NV! Thomas and I will be visiting his family and getting our tan on in the 115 degree heat! 

August 2nd: Road trip to Bonner Springs, KS for THE KILLERS CONCERT!!! Wade and I are slightly addicted and will be driving 32 hours in a 60 hour time period to see these beautiful people and the best show ever.

Then the work starts again on August 14th. Early school year for sure, but I'm sure after all these trips, including a smattering of drives to Vernal, I will be ready for reality. But for now... 

Saturday, December 1, 2012

That mushy love stuff.

Dat hair.

Completely obsessed with these beautiful men and their beautiful hair and their amazing style. Oh and the music, I guess. 
The Battle Born tour was amazing last night.