Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Hello, June!

Well, seeing as it's been a hot minute since I've blogged and I really miss it I decided to give this little page a makeover and start it up again by bragging about my amazing summer plans. I don't know how it will compare to last summer in Fiji, but I think all be alright with the vacations and plans I've made.

June 7th: Last day of school! First year down and I cannot believe it's already over. I'm going to seriously miss my kids. (Yes, my students are my children.)

June 8th: Maui, HI! I am so excited to have a ladies vacation with my mom, aunt, cousins, and gma on the beautiful island of Maui. I've been to HI once and it was about 7 years ago. Pictures to come! 

June 19th: NOLA 2013! Aka: New Orleans, LA! Thomas, Nate, and I are going to NOLA for my longest friend, Alathea's, wedding. I've never been to the south so I am very excited about this vacation and seeing Alathea and Stephen tie the knot! 

July 1-4: Partying with Lauren Burrows in SLC! Cannot wait to finally see my sister again!

July 5th: Moving into an apartment with my brother, Wade. We are moving to Riverton. So stoked to be moving out of my parents house.

July 10th: Las Vegas, NV! Thomas and I will be visiting his family and getting our tan on in the 115 degree heat! 

August 2nd: Road trip to Bonner Springs, KS for THE KILLERS CONCERT!!! Wade and I are slightly addicted and will be driving 32 hours in a 60 hour time period to see these beautiful people and the best show ever.

Then the work starts again on August 14th. Early school year for sure, but I'm sure after all these trips, including a smattering of drives to Vernal, I will be ready for reality. But for now... 

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